Car Hire
Rental period
Group L
Opel Corsa o.s.
Group B
Nissan Almera o.s.
Group E
BMW 318i o.s.
Group F
Nissan X-Trail o.s.
Group I
Opel Zafira o.s.
Group Y
Mercedes Vito o.s.
1 – 6 Days
R 230
R 265
R 567
R 600
R 440
R 853
7 – 13 Days
R 220
R 253
R 550
R 587
R 440
R 801
14 – 30 Days
R 210
R 245
R 535
R 572
R 382
R 764
>31 Days
R 175
R 199
R 465
R 548
R 366
R 733
2 doors, radio,
no aircon
aircon, radio/CD, power steering, airbags; surcharge for automatic
automatic, radio/CD, aircon, power steering, airbags
4x4; automatic, radio/CD, aircon, power steering, airbags
6 seats, radio cassette, aircon, power steering; very spacious
8-seater, Diesel, radio/CD, aircon, power steering, airbags
Cars including 4x4's can be booked directly via KapEvent. They can be returned in any bigger South African city either at the airport or at the hotel.

All vehicles can, without any additional fee, be driven across the border to Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. A fee of R1000 is levied for Mozambique only. Please note that the booking to hire a car for trips to Zimbabwe and Mozambique needs to be done 2 weeks before commencing the trip, so that all the necessary paperwork can be done in time.

All prices are quoted per day (24hours) covering unlimited kilometres and comprehensive insurance with excess payable.

Other vehicles on request. Excellent conditions apply for the hire of 4x4s with camping equipment, if you book through

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