Together Alone - The Wedding
for Nature-Lovers

If you wish to be alone together, then consider getting married in this private 320 hectare fynbos reserve, fifteen minutes away from Cape Point, offering serene hiking trails with unparalleled views.

A natural stone and thatch-roof cottage awaits you with a fully furnished kitchen, a comfy living area with fire-place, dining room, bedroom with double bed and loft room, sundeck and paddling pool.

Wedding Package:
  • Pastor/Marriage Officer for the legal side of things
    in the 'Misty Cliffs Cottage' and the ring ceremony
  • 2 witnesses
  • Photographer
  • Bottle of local champagne

Possible follow-on accommodation or else pre-booking of 'Our Small Farm'. Experience two days in complete isolation in the Baskloof Nature Reserve. in a very simple, rustic cottage with corrugated iron roof - without electricity, yet with a gas stove and oven. Toilets, showers and refrigeration facilities are available.

The Baskloof Nature Reserve is preserved and taken care of by a dedicated and nature-loving couple. Absolute peace is guaranteed. Utilize your stay in 'Our Small Farm' as an active contribution to conserve flora and fauna in the Peninsula. Absolute peace is guaranteed.

10 Begonia Road, Milnerton 7441, South Africa
Tel: ++27 (0)21-551 4589
Mobile: ++27 (0)82 4444 560

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